Computer Vision Sandbox 2.0.0 release

March 19, 2019


After being quiet for more than a year, it is finally time to announce new release of Computer Vision Sandbox – version 2.0.0 is now available! As the previous news post revealed, a decision was made to open source code of the project and make it publicly available. As such, it took quite some time to perform complete migration of the code from private repository into GitHub, do the necessary clean-up, infrastructure updates, etc. Now it is all there – available for checking out.

Apart from being open, the new version brings some features, which bring opportunity of developing new exciting applications based on Computer Vision Sandbox. It does introduce new types of plug-ins, which are aimed to communicate with external devices like I/O boards, robotics controllers, serial port connected devices, etc. This enables implementing more interesting and interactive video processing algorithms by means of provided scripting capabilities. For example, an I/O board can be used to read values of different digital/analog sensors and based on that change parameters/flow of the algorithm. Or the opposite can be done - some device's actuators could be set to new state based on the results of performed video processing.

To make sure communication with devices does not introduce unwanted delays in video processing scripts, the new version also adds support for sandbox scripting threads, which execute specified scripts at certain time intervals. This allows to keep video processing and device communication logic in separate scripts, which exchange information by means of host variables. Finally, the new variables monitor allows to keep an eye on the variables used for communication between scripts or some variables aimed for debugging purpose.

Well, this is it for the big things of the new release. The full list of other smaller changes is always available from the release notes document. With all the new features and the fact project went into open source, we really hope more interesting applications can be developed and delivery of further updates will boost as well.


Download the 2.0.0 release


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