Version 1.2.4

Release Date: 2017-03-07


Installation Package (32 bit version)
SHA1: 10DB129C10BC244B59F097EFCBDAD626F9EE05E9
Supported Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 8.x, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


Version updates and fixes:

  • Updated Video Processing Info dialog, so it allows editing properties of image processing filter plug-ins at run time and then update sandbox object, so changes persist.
  • Reworked start of video sources. Now plug-ins of a video processing graph are created and initialized before video source is started, to make sure the graph is ready by the time video source starts providing video frames.
  • Extended plug-ins' property editor to provide custom editors for morphology structuring elements and convolution kernels.
  • Fixed an issue of taking snapshot for a video source, which has a video processing graph set for it. Now the snapshot will provide the final result of the video processing graph, but not the random intermediate.


Updates and fixes for the modules included into the package:

  • Standard Image Processing 1.0.6
    • Added "Morphology Operator" plug-in, which allows to perform Erosion, Dilatation, Opening, Closing, Top Hat and Bottom Hat operators, using custom specified structuring element.
    • Added "Hit and Miss" plug-in, which provides the hit-and-miss morphology operator.
    • Added "Convolution" plug-in, which allows to perform image convolution using custom specified kernel.
    • Added "Gaussian Blur" and "Gaussian Sharpen" plug-ins to perform image blurring/sharpening using Gaussian kernel of the specified size and standard deviation.
    • Renamed "Difference Edge Detector" plug-in into "Edge Detector". It now provides few different edge detection modes: Difference, Homogeneity and Sobel.
    • Added "Canny Edge Detector" plug-in, which does edge detection using the Canny algorithm.
    • Added "Gray World Normalization" plug-in, which does image color normalization using the Gray World algorithm.
    • Added "Mean Shift" image processing filter plug-in, which calculates mean value of pixels in a window of the specified size, but taking only pixels which satisfy the specified color distance criteria.
  • Blobs' Processing 1.0.2
    • Fixed core blob processing routine, which could stuck in an endless loop on certain images.
  • Image Processing Tools 1.0.3
    • Added "Color Dodge" and "Color Burn" blending modes to the "Blend Images" plug-in.
  • Lua Scripting Engine 1.0.4
    • Scripting engine fixes:
      • API revision (SCRIPTING_API_REVISION variable) is raised to 5.
      • Added support for plug-in's properties of 2D array type. Those are represented as "jagged table" in Lua - table of tables, where all sub-tables must be of the same length.


Previous version: 1.2.3


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