Version 1.2.2

Release Date: 2016-07-03


Installation Package (32 bit version)
SHA1: BB1F26F51B7D9674C1444A7B68FD1471B17CA8A6
Supported Platforms: Windows 8.x, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


Version updates and fixes:

  • Made scripting editor available from application's main menu. Opens as a mode-less window and so simplifies quick testing of scripts' changes.
  • Added option of renaming video processing steps in sandbox wizard, so they could have more meaningful names. This becomes handy if same plug-in is added several times into a graph for different purposes.
  • Updated plug-ins' help system, so it also allows browsing available modules.
  • Extended plug-ins' help system, so it provides links from plug-in's description to corresponding module's description.
  • Resize video source player if video size has changed (for the case if video source may change size of provided frames). This is only available for single camera view, not sandbox view, where cell size is preconfigured and fixed.
  • Fixed video processing information form, so it correctly reports if frames are being delayed or dropped by the video processing graph.
  • Fixed video processing information form, so it correctly reports if frames are being delayed or dropped by the video processing graph.
  • Added list of recently opened script files in scripts' editor.


Updates and fixes for the modules included into the package:

  • Standard Image Processing 1.0.4
    • Added "Shift Image" plug-in, which allows shifting images by the specified number of pixels.
    • Added "Extract Quadrilateral" plug-in, which allows extraction quadrilateral image specified by coordinates of 4 corners from a source image.
    • Added "Embed Quadrilateral" plug-in, which allows putting specified image into quadrilateral of the target image.
    • Added "Image Statistics" plug-in, which allows calculating RGB histograms for color images and intensity histogram for grayscale images. Also calculates statistical values like Minimum, Maximum, Mean and Standard Deviation.
    • Enabled and described "Level Linear" an "Level Linear Grayscale" plug-ins, which allow performing linear correction of RGB channels for color images and intensities for grayscale image.
    • Enabled and described next two source image processing filter plug-ins: "Add Images", "Subtract Images", "Intersect Images" (minimum of two images), "Merge Images" (maximum of two images).
    • Enabled and described "Diff Images" two source image processing filter plug-in, which calculates absolute difference between two images.
    • Added "Diff Images Thresholded" two source image processing filter plug-in, which calculates thresholded absolute difference between two images.
    • Enabled and described "Extract RGB Channel" and "Extract nRGB Channel" plug-ins, which extract specified RGB/nRGB channel from a color image and provide it as a grayscale image.
    • Added "Replace RGB Channel" plug-in, which allows replacing specified RGB channel with a specified grayscale image.
    • Added "Mask Image" plug-in, which sets pixels of a source image to the specified fill color if corresponding pixels of a mask image are equal to 0.
  • Image Processing Tools 1.0.1
    • Added "Put Image" plug-in, which can be used to put up to 5 lines of text on an image at the specified coordinates or in image's corners.
    • Added "Image Drawing" plug-in of Scripting APIs type (can be used only from scripting). It exposes different functions to draw on images (through CallFunction() call): DrawLine, DrawRectangle, DrawCircle, DrawEllipse, DrawText, DrawImage, FillRectangle, FillCircle, FillEllipse.
    • Enabled "Blend Images" plug-in, which blends source image with another image of the same size/format. Supported blend modes are: Multiple, Screen and Overlay.
    • Enabled "Fade Images" plug-in, which fades one image into another creating transition effect.
    • Added "Move Towards Images" plug-in, which changes one image in the direction of anther - decreases difference by the specified amount.
  • JPEG Format Handler 1.0.1
    • Updated JPEG loading plug-in so it respects orientation EXIF tag and transforms images appropriately when loading.
  • Lua Scripting Engine 1.0.2
    • Scripting engine fixes:
      • API revision (SCRIPTING_API_REVISION variable) is raised to 3.
      • Added support for array type properties. Plug-in API allow as getting/setting entire array using GetProperty( propertyName ) and SetProperty( propertyName, value ), as getting/setting individual values using GetProperty( propertyName, index ) and SetProperty( propertyName, index, value ).
      • Added support for point and size property types, which are represented as Lua arrays with 2 values.
      • Added APIs to store variables at host side: Host.GetVariable( variableName ) and Host.SetVariable( variableName, value ). The APIs allow storing variables of Lua scalar types, arrays (not tables with arbitrary indexing) and image objects.
      • Extended plug-in's interface with new CallFunction() API, which allows calling arbitrary functions exposed by a plug-in.
      • Added support for image processing plug-ins. Unlike image processing filter plug-in, this new type is for image processing routines which don't change image at all. Only for processing images with the aim to calculate some values, which are then accessible as read-only properties.
      • Added support for 2 source image processing filter plug-ins. These plug-ins operate with two image to perform their task. For example, adding images, subtracting images, intersection (min), merge (max), etc.
      • Fixed error reporting when using ExportImage() method of image exporting plug-ins.
      • Fixed Lua scripting engine, which was badly creating instances of some plug-ins, causing crashes on various APIs for different plug-in types: IsPixelFormatSupported(), GetOutputPixelFormat(), GetSecondImageSupportedSize(), GetSecondImageSupportedFormat(), SupportedExtensions(), SupportedPixelFormats().
    • Lua Scripting plug-in fixes:
      • Updated plug-in to support variables storage at host.
      • Updated plug-in's description, so it tells about latest added APIs and new plug-in types' interfaces.
  • DirectShow Video Sources 1.0.1
    • Disabled resolutions with 12 bits per pixel and less - the "Local Capture Device" plug-in fails capturing those anyway for now.
  • FFmpeg Based Video Sources 1.0.1
    • Added "Video File" plug-in, which is a video source for playing video files. Only video is provided.
  • JPEG/MJPEG Video Sources 1.0.1
    • Added "JPEG Folder Video Source" plug-in, which is a video source for providing JPEG images from a specified folder. It can play found images once or repeat them in an end-less loop.


New modules added into the package:

  • Blobs' Processing 1.0.0
    • "Keep Biggest Blob" - Keeps only the biggest blob in the image while removing the rest.
    • "Find Biggest Blob" - Finds the biggest blob in the image. Similar to the above, but this plug-in does not do any changes to the provided image - only finds coordinates of the biggest blob.
    • "Filter Blobs By Size" - Keeps only the blobs within the specified size limits.
    • "Fill Holes" - Fills holes in objects found in the specified image.
  • Video Repeater Plug-ins 1.0.0
    • Provides two plug-ins, which are aimed for building video repeating chains. The "Video Repeater" plug-in is a video source, which does not provide any video frames until something is pushed into them using "Video Repeater Push" plug-in.
  • Screen Capture Plug-ins 1.0.0
    • Provides a video source plug-in, which produces frames generated by capturing system's screen. It can capture either entire screen (allows to specify which one on systems with multiple displays), a certain rectangular area or a specified window.


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