Version 1.2.0

Release Date: 2015-11-27


Installation Package (32 bit version)
SHA1: A2B59B9C22AD3C67763DC2001FEA04C9694EEF66
Supported Platforms: Windows 8.x, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


Version updates and fixes:

  • Added support for scripting engine plug-ins, which could run scripts interacting with the application.
  • Added built-in scripts' editor.
  • Extended plug-ins' help system, so it provides scripting information about plug-ins and their properties.
  • Updated Camera Information dialog to show original frame size/format and the one after processing with a video processing graph if those are different.
  • Updated Camera Information dialog to show last error message happened in video source or during video processing.
  • Fixed crash in Video Processing Info dialog, which happens when a plug-in is missing for one of the video processing steps.
  • Added CVSandbox Virtual Camera DirechShow filter, which adds a virtual camera into user's system. The camera can be used by different applications supporting DirectShow interface. Images into the camera can be pushed using a special plug-in provided with the Computer Vision Sandbox.


Updates and fixes for the modules included into the package:

  • Standard Image Processing module - v.1.0.2
    • Added Rotate Image plug-in, which rotates an image by the specified angle.
  • Image Processing Effects - v1.0.1
    • Added Vignetting plug-in, which creates vignetting effect - image gets darker or desaturated on its edges.
    • Added Grain plug-in, which adds vertical or horizontal grain to create effect of scratches on an old film.
    • Added Rotate Hue plug-in, which shifts (rotates) hue value by the specified value.
    • Added Emboss plug-in, which creates an emboss effect - bright areas are raised and dark areas are carved.


New modules added into the package:

  • Added Lua Scripting Engine module, which provides Lua scripting plug-in. Scripting samples are provided with the installation package (check installation folder).
  • Added CVSandbox Virtual Camera module, which provides plug-in to push images into virtual camera provided with the Computer Vision Sandbox application.


Previous version: 1.1.1


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