Computer Vision Sandbox is an open source software package, which aims to allow solving different tasks related to computer vision areas, like video surveillance, vision based automation/robotics, different sorts of image/video processing, etc. Provided with a great amount of different plug-ins it allows combining them for solving big variety of tasks. Even more can be achieved by means of embedded scripting for programming different computer vision applications.


March 19, 2019 - Computer Vision Sandbox 2.0.0 release

The new release is coming from open source repository and brings support for device plug-ins to make scripting more interactive, sandbox scripting threads, sandbox variable monitor, etc.

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Latest tutorial - Device plug-ins

This tutorial describes new types of plug-ins introduced in version 2.0.0, which are aimed to communicate with different external devices like I/O boards, robotics controllers, devices connected over serial ports, etc.

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The latest version of Computer Vision Sandbox to download is 2.0.0 released on March 19, 2019.

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The latest version of cam2web to download is 1.1.0 released on August 30, 2017.

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Multiple camera view Color objects counting Glyph detection Glyph recognition Bar code detection Circles detection Rectangles detection
  • Open source
  • Camera agnostic
  • Multiple camera views
  • Video recording
  • Time lapse image snapshots
  • Embedded scripting for advanced processing
  • Wide range of image processing plug-ins
  • Color filtering
  • Objects counting
  • Detection of square binary glyphs
  • Bar codes detection
  • Paralleling video processing
  • Provides virtual camera device