Computer Vision Sandbox is targeted as a software package, which aims to allow solving different tasks related to computer vision areas, like, for example, video surveillance, vision based automation, different sorts of image/video processing, etc. At this point the software is in its early starting phase with more things to do rather than done. However the plan is to evolve it bringing many new features, achieving the goals set and beyond.


October 13, 2016 - Computer Vision Sandbox 1.2.3 release

The new 1.2.3 release brings few minor features and improvement, which mainly focus on filling some gaps of the previous release. Improved scripting editor, taking snapshots of video sources, more color filtering options and few extensions to existing plug-ins to increase their flexibility - these are the things this release about.

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Latest tutorial - Video repeaters

This tutorial discusses video repeating plug-ins introduced in 1.2.2. Using them it is possible to split single video source into multiple and process them individually. Also it might be possible to branch video processing graph or split it into multiple threads to control performance.

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The latest available version to download is 1.2.3 released on October 13, 2016.

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